Sports Massage Treatments

Sports/ Massage therapy offered at The White House Physiotherapy Clinics

Types of Sports Massage Treatments & Massage Therapy offered at our clinics include:

Holistic Massages

Holistic Massage is one of the oldest and simplest form of medical treatment. It uses therapeutic touch to manipulate and relax the muscles and sot tissues of the body, relieving tension and bringing the body into a relaxed state. Based on a Swedish system, holistic massage treats the 'whole' person rather than isolated symptoms.

Can help: General aches and pains, relieve tension, reduce anxiety, promote sleep, aid relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massages

Deep tissue massage therapy is commonly used to help those actively involved in sports but is suitable for everyone. It is more orientated towards therapeutic treatment than pure relaxation. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on areas that are particularly tight relative to the rest of the body. It may involve myofascial and trigger point release massage treatment.

Can help: Deep tension, trigger points, chronic conditions

Sports Massages or Sports Injury Massages

A deep tissue sports massage is aimed at improving circulation, eliminating the build up of lactic acids and preventing accumulated stiffness from training or working repetitively. Some people choose to have a sports massage regularly to reduce the effect of regular training or problems relating to working positions. Others have it to reduce an acute tightness from time to time.

Can help: Muscle recovery, injury prevention

Aromatherapy Massages

A form of massage based on the use of essential oils. These oils are derived from the flowers, bark, branches, rind or roots of plants with purported healing properties. The choice of oils will differ with each aromatherapy massage, as they are blended each time to the individual's needs. (Add £5 to normal massage prices)

Can help: Relaxation, stress



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