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The Whitehouse Physiotherapy clinic has secured the Physiotherapy services for Sheffield Central Consortium, including 27 GP practices and offering spinal injury treatment services to over 100 GPs.

This is a pioneering project for an independent practice. We are offering an accessible, cost effective, local and integrated approach to the management of acute spinal injuries.

Our Acute Spinal Injury service offers rapid access to a Physiotherapist via referral from the GP, who will provide rapid access to expert treatment with patient feedback and outcome measures, longer term management programme aimed to reduce the acute cases turning into chronic conditions by early intervention and advice.

Acute Spinal Injury Treatments offered....

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    • Assessment
    • Treatment
    • Manual Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    • Exercise prescription
    • Advice/Education
    • Pain Relief - TENS/ACUPUNCTURE
    • Ergonomics advice
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    Offering a strengthening programme on a one to one basis or in small groups, where strengthening, muscle re-education and Pilates style exercises can be taught in a clinical setting with a direct and complementary relationship with an experienced Physiotherapy team.

    Specific to dysfunction/injury


    • Greater strength and muscle tone
    • Improved flexibility and agility
    • Strength, balance and coordination
    • A more efficient respiratory system
    • A healthy spine and improved posture
    • A flatter abdomen, toned arms and thighs and a stronger back
    • A refreshing mind-body workout
    • Sport Enhancement
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    David Nicholls is a hpc registered podiatrist specialising in the field of musculo skeletal biomechanics and the provision of Orthotics.

    He has 10 years experience treating a range of conditions from foot and heel pain to acute and chronic spinal conditions.

    This service is an ideal complement to the treatment and care from the white house physiotherapy into the acute spinal service.

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    This service will be available to all patients who may benefit from further education and understanding of self management and prevention of injury.

    Week 1 – Introduction and anatomy and physiology lesson!

    • Types of back pain
    • Feeling the pain’ - anatomy and physiology of musculoskeletal disorder/injury & understanding symptoms
    • How back pain originates
    • Interesting facts
    • Tips to take away

    Week 2 - Posture week!

    • Advice regarding ergonomics at work, posture and daily activities and habits
    • Manual handling jobs/Office jobs/Driving jobs
    • Correct lifting technique
    • Mini ergonomic assessment using online activities and group work

    Week 3 - Healthy living!

    • Introduction to Pilates
    • Healthy active life presentation (with reference and in conjunction with MOVE FOR HEALTH (CSP).
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    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Stress and its role in back pain
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Prevention



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